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What are credits? Do I need them?
What are credits? Do I need them?
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Simple answer: If you only sell paid tickets, then no, don’t worry about credits. Your only cost is $1 per ticket, period (plus the monthly fee if you choose to subscribe to it). If you want to offer free tickets, then you “pay in credits” instead of the $1 per ticket.

Do you offer free (i.e. $0 tickets)? Then yes, you need a credit for each ticket, plus another credit to check the ticket in.

For paid tickets, you do not need credits, i.e. you are only charged the per ticket fee ($0.25-$1.00) and that’s it.

Credits allow you to use various features for free or imported tickets, such as checking in guests. Any ticket sold that incurred the $1 fee does not cost any credits. For example, if you sold 300 paid tickets (which would cost $300), and you also import 200 more guests in a spreadsheet. The import does not cost any credits, but checking in does, so that would cost 200 credits (1 credit per guest).

  • You are allocated either 200 or 800 credits every month (based on the plan)

  • Unused credits rollover to the next month

  • Credits do not expire

What costs a credit?

  • Checking in or scanning a free ticket (i.e, a ticket that did not incur the $1 fee)

  • Free tickets sold through your store (e.g. one order for 5 tickets will cost 5 credits)

Credits plus $1?

No! Any ticket that incurred the $1 per ticket fee will never cost credits. This means that checking in or scanning a paid ticket will never cost a credit. If you paid the $1 fee, that ticket will never incur a credit cost, under any circumstance.

Can I buy more credits?

Yes. If you need more than the allotted 800 credits, we offer credit packages that you can purchase via credit card in our external admin app. Learn more about the credit package pricing.

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